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When did I Last Attend a Course?


When did I Last Attend a Course?


If you have your Reference Number you can access your data at via Register using your Reference Number and entering your Driving Licence number in the PIN field instead of a PIN.  If you do not have your reference number or just wish to access information on previous courses, select ‘forgot my reference number’ – this will give you access to the information request page and you will need to enter your driving licence number.

You will need to add your postcode that was used at the time of the offence and a phone number that can accept text messages.

You will then have to agree to accept the terms of the computer misuse act before proceeding further.

You will be sent a one time verification code.  You will need to enter this on the screen and click ‘verify’.

If our system already holds your email address we will ask you to confirm whether you wish the details at this address or you can provide another email address.

If all of your details match, we will let you know that the requested information is being sent to you.









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