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Driver Education Gloucestershire.


  • What will I need for my course?

A Desktop or Laptop computer with Webcam facility (usually built in modern laptops as standard), a tablet or Smart Phone. Please have your original Photo ID Driving licence or other official photo ID (i.e. Passport) and Driving licence available to show the trainer during the registration process. Please have some paper and a pen, as you will need this during the course, and you may wish to have some tea/coffee or soft drink available to help keep you refreshed.

  • What platform is the course running on?

Microsoft Teams

  • Is there a cost to download “TEAMS” – the online platform you use?

No. This is free to download from online app stores as an application, or you can access from the internet.

  • Is this going to work on older computer equipment?

If the device/software is still supported, it should be compatible. We do recommend you test the system in advance of your course time to avoid any last-minute glitches.

  • If I get disconnected part-way through the course, would I be able to rebook free of charge?

Your course trainer will allow up to 10 minutes for you to re-join your course.

If you are not successful within this timescale, you will need to contact our office to re book  free of charge

  • How do I access my course?

We will provide you with a URL link in an email. If using a Desktop or Laptop or some tablets, you can join by clicking on the URL hyperlink which will take you direct to the course. If joining from a Tablet or phone we would advise you first download the Microsoft Teams app from your App Store. Dependent upon the tablet or phone you use, you may need a set of earphones with built in microphone.

  • I have booked my course, when will I receive my joining instructions and where do I find them?

We will initially send you an email with booking confirmation and the course joining instructions. We will send a further email 48 hours prior to your course, with the Microsoft link included. Please check your spam/junk files if you cannot see our email in your Inbox. If you cannot find an email from us, please check the email address you provided during registration on the DORS system is correct and update if necessary (this information will then pass through to our system), otherwise email or call us and we will resend it to you.

  • I am about to take my course but cannot access it, where do I find my joining instructions (these are questions commonly asked just minutes before a course!)?

Please check your Inbox for our email, with Microsoft link included. If you cannot find it, please email us marked as urgent and we will endeavour to get this information to you in time.

  • How do I contact my course provider

Email:  [email protected]  Telephone. 01452 754562 Mon – Fri 8am – 3pm


  • I do not have a camera on my device can I still attend.

You must have a camera facility on the device you use to access the online course. The trainer needs to see that you are present for the entire duration of the course and to also check your ID during registration.

Do you have a smart phone which has a camera as this can be used. Alternatively, is there anyone in your household who has a device with a camera you can use?

  • I am not computer-literate, but I have a friend or family member that could help. Is this ok?

Hopefully, you will only require initial set-up support prior to the start, and you should then be self-sufficient. If your assistant needs to remain throughout, you will need to mute your microphone during the course apart from when you are asked to actively participate.

  • I am not very technical, and I am worried that I won’t be able to take my virtual/online course, what help can I get from my course provider?

You can watch our bespoke video that explains what you need to do.

There are also short videos on social media about how to use Microsoft Teams It’s quite easy, but don’t worry, even our trainers had to learn how to use it so you will find them very helpful.

  • I am experiencing technical difficulties connecting to the course, what can I do?

Check you are as close as possible to your internet router. Turn off other devices that require the internet to help strengthen the signal.

Log out and back in as this may help. Ensure you are joining with video and audio on, (click allow when prompts appear).

If problems persist and you cannot successfully join the course, contact Driver Education Gloucestershire.

  • Can I have an interpreter with me on the course?

Yes. You must supply their name beforehand and they will need to have ID available too. You will need to mute your microphone during the course unless you are asked to participate.

If you wish to have a friend or relative to help you, they must speak fluent English and be aged over 16. Please tell us in advance because the course is confidential.

Or we can arrange an interpreter if you tell us when you make your booking.

  • I am currently breastfeeding; will this affect my digital course?

You will be allowed time to breastfeed. Details around timings will be discussed directly with your trainer during the signing-in process. Please ensure this is declared under ‘Special Requirements’ at the point of your booking.

  • I have specific medical issues; how will this affect my course.

Please ensure any special requirements are declared at the point of your booking. You can discuss your needs with your trainer during the signing-in process.

  • I can’t attend my course due to extenuating circumstances what can I do?

If you are unable to attend your course, you must contact Driver Education Gloucester,  giving at least 10 days notice so that we can reschedule your booking.

  • I missed my course, what will happen now?

If you were unable to attend your course, you must contact Driver Education Gloucester within 3 days to see if it is possible to rebook your course.

Please note an admin charge may apply as stated in our terms and conditions.

Did you find the answer to your question in the FAQ section?

If not, consider contacting us.

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