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I did not complete my Course. What happens now?


I did not complete my Course. What happens now?

If you fail to complete a course, the matter is passed back to the police who will then consider their next course of action once the enforcement period (contained in your police correspondence) has expired.

Once the enforcement period has expired, if neither the fixed penalty or course offer have been complied with, the matter will be placed before the courts.  The police or the courts will contact you regarding this.

It is important to note that once the matter is returned to the police (this will be indicated on the NDORS system and in an auto email sent to you that the course offer has been withdrawn), the course provider and UKROEd/NDORS are unable to intervene.  If you have any questions at this point you must contact the police who sent you the original correspondence to discuss this with them.

If you have failed to attend a course because you have decided to comply with the fixed penalty this will still generate an auto email indicating the police have withdrawn your course offer.  This is for information only and there is NO requirement for you to contact the police as a result of this email.

If you have not completed your course and wish to try and re book, go to the course booking website and check whether you are still in time (see below).  If the course booking site indicates your offer has been withdrawn, the matter has already been returned to the police and you will not be able to re book a course.

Please go to where you will be able to access your Course Offer details via:

  • REGISTER: Entering the Reference Number & PIN from your Course Offer letter, or your Reference Number and entering your Driver Number in the PIN field instead of a PIN or
  • LOGIN: If you opted to create an account previously, and have validated your email address, you can login with your email address and password.

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