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My Driver Number is not Recognised, What can I do?


My Driver Number is not Recognised, What can I do?

If you are accessing the course offer portal and your the driving licence number you have entered is not recognised:

UK Driving Licence – the most common issue with entering a Driver Number is including the Issue Number (2 digits separated to the right of the 16-Digit Driver Number) when entering it in the system. These do not form part of the Driver Number.

Non UK Driving Licence –  enter your driving licence number then tick the box below it to say non uk licence.  If this still does not work you will need to contact the Police Force that offered you the course to ensure that you have provided them with the correct details in your Section 172 Driver Admission and to confirm the details on your Course Offer letter.

If you get a Details Mismatch error, it could also relate to the Month/Year of Birth or the Last name so you would need to check with the police regarding this.

This is because the driving licence you use to access course offers has to match exactly the driving licence number you gave to the police when responding to their correspondence. If it doesn’t it will be rejected by the offer portal.

You can contact the appropriate Police Force by any of the following:

  • Using the police contact details on your Course Offer Letter/police correspondence.
  • Via the police website
  • Call the non-emergency “101” number and ask for the department that deals with Fixed Penalty Notices.

If you do not get the details mismatch error and are still having problems, please forward your 16 digit police reference number OR your driving licence number to [email protected] explaining you are having problems with your Driver Number and we will look in to this for you.









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