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What can I do to Prepare for the Course?

The two and a half hour course will take place online using a digital platform with up to 9 clients and a Trainer.  You will need access to a device ie tablet, laptop or desktop with microphone and camera with reliable internet connection capable of streaming video.  Smart phones may be used however the course will be far more effective if you have a larger screen.

Have some paper and a pen, as you will need this during the course, and a soft drink available to help keep you refreshed.

A quiet private environment with no distractions.

You will or should have received correspondence from your chosen course provider explaining what will happen on the course. If you have any further questions please find your course provider FAQ page at  FAQs | UKROEd and NDORS under the section heading Accessing Your Course & Your Course Provider.  This will also include information of how to contact your course provider.

Did you find the answer your question in the FAQ section

If not, consider contacting us.

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