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Automatic speed limiters to be “standard on all new cars” from 2022

New regulations will mean all new cars sold in Europe will have automatic anti-speeding systems fitted as standard from 2022. The “intelligent speed assistance” technology would be one of several innovations introduced in an attempt to boost a “big leap forward” in road safety if voted through by the European Parliament. Other systems mandated by the […]

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Experts warn of risks in latest vehicle infotainment systems

TRL’s Head of Impairment Research, Dr Paul Jackson, argues that the evidence base regarding distracted driving has failed to keep up with technological developments and is calling for research to assess the distracting effects of the latest versions of in-vehicle infotainment systems, or Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). This follows on from the Chief Executive of […]

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MPs to investigate road safety as progress flatlines

The Commons Transport Committee is launching an inquiry ‘to scrutinise the Government’s approach to road safety’ over concern that progress on the issue has levelled off. Despite a reduction of more than 40% in the number of fatal road traffic accidents from 2007 to 2012, there has been no reduction over the last five years, […]

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New phone warning for drivers: legal doesn’t equal safe

Researchers from the University of Keele are reminding drivers that using a phone hands-free at the wheel may be legal, but this doesn’t make it safe. The call comes as they launch a new compendium that aims to help practitioners design effective methods of deterring mobile phone use among drivers. The compendium is a result […]

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