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UKROEd’s Chief Operations Officer Ruth Purdie received a Global Light of Hope award from the Irish Road Victims Association. The award was made for her role as “a leading advocate for road safety through her great work as General Secretary in TISPOL (2014 – 2018) and in particular with TISPOL’s Project EDWARD, the European Day Without […]

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Speed identified as the best predictor of car crashes

  Speeding is the riskiest kind of aggressive driving, according to a unique analysis of data from on-board devices in vehicles published on 21 August. Researchers at the University of Waterloo examined data from 28 million trips for possible links between four bad driving behaviours – speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration and hard cornering – […]

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Road Safety Week 2019

Brake’s Road Safety Week 2019 (18-24 November) is open for employers to register. The event brings communities, schools and organisations together, to raise road awareness and safety. Register for a free action pack. The charity is also promoting its non-profit global scheme, Global Fleet Champions, which is running a free webinar on Tuesday 10 September […]

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Government considering hands-free phone ban for drivers

Ministers must consider strengthening the ban on drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel by outlawing hands-free use, MPs have said. The Transport Committee said the risk of crashing was as high while using a hands-free device as it was when holding a phone, which has been illegal across the UK since 2003. Experts warned […]

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Essex volunteers given enforcement powers

A group of volunteers in Essex will become the first in the country to be given enforcement powers, under a new initiative. CO-ordinated by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership, ‘SERP volunteers’ have been trained by Essex Police, enabling them to enforce speed limits within their communities. In their role, the volunteers will also attend local […]

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