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Active travel spending review ‘takes us backwards’

The Government has been warned its vision to make England a ‘great walking and cycling nation’ cannot be delivered without a ‘substantial’ increase in investment – after cutting funding for 2021/22. In July, the Government set out a ‘comprehensive, long term’ plan to embed the benefits of walking and cycling into daily lives – pledging […]

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Collisions in London ‘linked to neighbourhood deprivation’

New analysis shows that people living and working in London’s most deprived neighbourhoods are twice as likely to be injured in a road traffic collision than the least deprived areas. The analysis, produced for London’s Poverty Profile by WPI Economics on behalf of Trust for London and the London Road Safety Council (LRSC), explored the […]

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CYCLOPS junction wins award for Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester and Manchester City Council have been named winners of a new award presented by Brake, in collaboration with Road Safety GB. Brake’s inaugural Vision Zero Leaders Awards recognise achievement in three categories: Local Roads Innovation, Community Campaign Achievement, and Youth Leadership. Brake says the new awards ‘celebrate the hidden champions leading […]

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PACTS calls for ‘fresh look at road danger’

The Government is being urged to adopt a new style of casualty analysis which highlights the road users that most put others’ lives at risk, and those who rarely kill others. The report, published by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), says DfT data ‘can tie even the most seasoned road safety professional […]

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More – not less – training needed for semi-autonomous vehicles

A new study says that behavioural training for drivers is paramount for the transition into the next stage of automated vehicles, known as level 3 automation. Researchers from the University of Nottingham and the RAC Foundation studied two groups of ‘experienced drivers’ in a high-fidelity driving simulator to observe their behaviour while driving a car […]

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Council looks for new speed powers

A radical rule change could see speeding drivers ignoring 20mph limits fined by council workers. Reading Borough Council is pushing the government to allow it to take over powers from police to clamp down on drivers exceeding the speed limit, making illegal right-hand turns, obstructing yellow box junctions and driving the wrong way up one-way […]

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Scotland road casualties at record low

New figures show that the number of casualties on Scotland’s roads fell to a record low in 2019 – despite a small rise in fatalities. Finalised figures for 2019, published on 28 October, show there were 165 road deaths – up from 161 in 2018. Despite the 2% increase, the Scottish Government says the number […]

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Road Safety Trust announces 2021 programme of funding

The Road Safety Trust has confirmed its 2021 Main Theme Programme will provide grants for projects that explore how technology can reduce road offending and improve road safety. The Road Safety Trust is the largest road safety grant giver in the UK – having awarded £3.7m to 49 different projects since 2014. The Trust’s 2020 […]

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‘Serious safety concerns’ expressed over’ALKS’ introduction

The Government has been urged to revise plans to permit the use of Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) because the technology will ‘put lives at risk’. In August, the Government launched a call for evidence into use of ALKS – an automated system that is capable of taking control of a vehicle travelling at low […]

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