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December 2020 News

Safety warning as winter weather continues

Safety groups are urging motorists to take extra care as winter weather continues for the next few days. Road journeys are more difficult and treacherous when there is a fall […]

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Council backs safety campaign following horse death statistics

The council of the county that has recorded more recent horse road deaths than anywhere in the country is backing the British Horse Society’s (BHS) safety campaign following the “truly […]

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Vanishing act for ghost markings thanks to HE trials

An end to confusing ‘ghost markings’ on roads could soon be in sight following a competition launched by Highways England to tackle the worldwide issue Last year Highways England launched a […]

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Call for increase in driving test capacity

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact the number of people able to take practical driving tests, with new data showing the Q3 figure was down by more than 50%. The […]

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Police move to clarify laws on e-scooter use

Anyone considering buying an electric scooter this Christmas is being urged to understand the law before doing so. E-scooters have become commonplace in towns and cities this year, after the […]

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Injury risk ‘significantly higher’ when driving for work

A third of road deaths and a fifth of serious injuries are sustained in collisions involving a ‘working’ driver or rider, according to new research by University College London (UCL). […]

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UKROEd’s 2020 Christmas Card

Our festive message for 2020.

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Green number plates take to the road

Green number plates are here. Their introduction will help motorists benefit from local initiatives such as cheaper parking and cost-free entry into zero-emission zones, the Government hopes. The new number […]

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Report calls for independent road collision investigation unit

A UK Road Collision Investigation Branch ‘should be established as an impartial investigator, independent from the existing judicial investigation process operated by the police’. That is one of 13 recommendations […]

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VR Hazard Perception Test currently under evaluation

Nottingham Trent University is currently testing a virtual reality version of the Hazard Perception Test, developed as part of research into the next generation of hazard perception assessment and training […]

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